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1. Pleiadian Higher Frequency of Light “Realignment into Being” Zoom Class




Christine has been directed to create this class (90 minutes) 

to introduce new Pleiadian Initiations 

for people to connect into the higher frequency of light, which is present. 



This includes video, Pattern.pdf and an additional pdf for your to download from Dropbox for your ongoing unfolding.

(You must download the video to your device to access the full class)



 During this Pandemic, powerful awakening forces are anchoring on our earth plane for you to re-awaken at this juncture. A Network of light has been made manifest within the planet, holding the doors wide open for your own self empowering process.


* Shift your perspective as you realign to your multidimensional frequency of your sacred nature. 

* Create powerful and stable reconnections through your Heart to the Network. 

* Utilize a series of Pleiadian tools that will be given to you, for your ongoing unfolding and awakening within the Network of God light which has anchored on the planet. 

* Learn to work within this Network of light and create your individual anchor within this Network to align to clarity and Truth. 


You download this material onto your device to continue to work with your ongoing unfolding within your own sacred design.