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3 Day Pleiadian Seminar “Merkaba Body” (((AUDIO FILES)))




Come and forge a new path!



The Pleiadians bring a series of profound initiations that will directly impact your central nervous system.


These initiations are designed to expand your brain synapses, which will enhance your brain functioning.


The cells of your brain will be redefined dimensionally, realigning you back to a pure Love conscious frequency experience to unveil aspects of your Sacred Higher Self.


Allowing your to move into a deeper remembrance of your natural multidimensional Higher Self.


Open into another level of your sacred senses and move into a new perspective of Truth, Living Truth within your life now. 


Message from Christine:


Come and experience a self-empowering adventure as you reconnect to your Merkaba body!

Merkaba: The Pleiaidans say that the MERKABA is a rotating light that carries the human body and spirit from one multidimensional plane to another.

Your Merkaba body is made up of pure crystalline liquid light and as it births within you it naturally anchors and interacts through the Sacrum, the Spinal Fluid, the Brain Stem, the Pineal and your multidimensional Heart within your physical framework of your body.

Your Merkaba body is a natural aspect of your multidimensional higher self.

A reconnection to your Merkaba body allows you to begin to operate from a much higher, clearer space of light. Moving you to realign within the Higher Realm consciousness of your God light.

Areas of the brain that have not been actively utilized this life time will reopen as the Brain Synapses expand and the nervous system enters an electrical redesign. All cells within your body will be ‘switched on’ from a different multidimensional perspective, birthed into this expanded reconnection to your multidimensional nature.

You will open into another aspect of your sacred 6th sense, unveiling aspects of your Higher Self, aligning to a new perspective of Truth to live that Truth in your daily lives.

These processes will allow you to move and align to a deep remembering process.

I look forward to sharing these initiations with you!

Love and blessings,


Upon purchase you will receive an email with a link to access the audio files of each days processes, pdf material and all the material for you to receive the full initiations of this Seminar.