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Upon purchase of this series, you will receive an email with a LINK to the videos of the nine classes, which carry all the frequencies for you to receive your full initiations. This LINK will also give you access to the pdf Homework material.
NOTE: You must take the time to work with each class, to do the homework and integrate the energies before moving to the next class.




I am so excited to bring to you this amazing awakening process. A new step for all of us as we have entered the next phase of our transitioning into the Aquarian Age.

I feel honored to be holding the energetic Platform for these upcoming classes for you.

Love and blessings,






This is the time for your higher launching of your natural abilities, to enable you to fulfill pre agreements. You will receive a series of transmitted Encryptions to allow you to return to your original sacred imprint which allows you a re-entry within the “Universal Endocrypt System” of higher consciousness. Through these sacred Encryptions you will reclaim your original heritage frequency and embody this higher consciousness state within your physical form.


This re-entry enables you to return to a synergized reunion frequency of your Family of Origin off planet it also allows you to fully engage with all Galactic frequencies within the Universe.


Through receiving these Encryptions there will be a breakdown of the old programing within you to enable a reclassification of your energetic multidimensional status in relationship to the Galactic and Universal community.


These Encryption frequencies are designed to launch you forward on your destiny path so you can engage more fully with your Family of origin off planet. During these process’s you are destined to expand into a meeting point of conscious communion with your Family of Origin through the reactivation of your telepathic communion center in your brain.


You will learn how to communicate through sacred communion with the Galactic community.


The Galactic community and the Galactic council are to play a prominent role in these classes. They will play their part by stabilizing you as you re-enter sacred settings of your higher multidimensional state.


This is your time to revolutionize yourself, as you become self-realized through consciously activating your pre-agreed destined commitments with your Family of light off planet.


An aspect of your destiny and fulfillment of your enlightenment process evolves through the action of telepathic communion with your Family of Origin and Galactic community. They bring to you a fulfillment of loving, a nourishment through sacred communion connections that open your sacred 6th sense.


This program is designed for you to re-engage with the Universal community. To set in motion your pre agreement to work with the Galactic community on a very different level, building your base for an ongoing relationship with the Galactic community to support the current transition of Earth.




  1. New encryptions will be activated to move your realignments, reestablishing you to your unique Stargate frequency.
  2. There will be a decoding process of any further old programming within your systems.
  3. Working with sacred patterning/ancient symbols. Thought codes and Sacred sounds will be provided in each class.
  4. There will be the ongoing development of your sacred 6th sense, which involves learning to work within the framework of telepathic communion.
  5. There will be a Transmission process to launch you further into your next orientation.


NOTE: There is always be a regime of homework necessary to prepare for the next class. You will receive a video of each class for you to work with for a further unfolding and preparation for the next class.