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CD Awakening Now Pleiadian Transmission with Christine Day Music by Barb Ryman

When Christine channels through the Pleiaidian language, tones and messages there are moments that open up for music to come in and become an integral part of the transmission.

A number of years ago, Barb Ryman came to the Frequencies of Brilliance trainings. On rare occasions, she would perform for the group. It was very clear she had an amazing talent and gift!

 Recently Christine became a resident speaker at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. Each time she appeared, Barb would come and provide the music for the service. This opened a special connection between them.

Barb Ryman is distinguished and recognized for her ability to write music that heals.  Barb has been intuitively drawn to the healing professions and most recently, trained in Frequencies of Brilliance. This background has seamlessly integrated itself into her music, making her the perfect vehicle to carry the energies held within the Pleiadian transmissions.

 This collaborative project was birthed with a lot of joy and flow! We hope you enjoy this very special and newest creative expression of the Pleaidian teachings!

1. Letting Go: 14:31

2. I Am Human   24:56

3. Sacred Heart 20:08

Total Running Time:  59:35

CD Cost: $20.