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9. “Building Blocks with your Multidimensional Heart” Zoom Class

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a link to access the 2 videos and pdf material to work with for your ongoing unfoldment.


I have undergone a transformational process to prepare me to hold the Platform for a complete energetic reset, which is going to take place on our planet as we move towards 2022.


In this Zoom Class I will transmit a series of higher resonance frequencies to those of you who are ready for a next step of transmutation.


This process is designed to create a great reveal within your Heart’s structure. You will:


  • Work within the sacred patterning from the Pleiadians to enter this new terrain within your Heart.


  • Work with Sacred Sounds to create a unique resonance of light within your Heart’s structure.


  • Utilize openings within your Pineal to set in motion an expansive shift in your Heart’s multidimensional structure.


The call is going out for you to accelerate into unique sacred moments of your multidimensional makeup reclaim aspects of your heritage. This is a rebirth as you engage within expansive, emerging building blocks within your sacred Heart.


Come and join me in this next step of self- realization!