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6. “Birthing Yourself into a Higher Energetic Design” Zoom Class

NOTE: Upon purchase you will receive a link to the class material (2 videos and pdf material)

Come and work with Sacred symbols and sounds provided by the Pleiadians in this 90 minute class. An expanded wave of a higher frequency ‘letting go’ energy has just entered within the arena of Earth.

In this class the Pleaidians will set in motion a pathway for you to access this expanded high frequency wave of this ‘letting go’ energy, which has never been experienced at this level on Earth.

Sacred symbols and sacred sounds will be provided in this class, enabling you to open into a higher framework to link beyond the illusion and for you to open up to receive higher elements of clarity, truth and to activate abundance in your life.

Working within these higher vibrational symbols will align you to the expanded energies of light of ‘letting go’, which are designed to rapidly unravel the many dense blocks anchored within your energetic field and physical body. There will be a falling away of all old outworn patterns from the past shedding from your body.

As you enter this ‘letting go’ frequency a process begins to awaken within you; a series of receptors begin to activate within the cells of your body, creating a flow of a higher vibrational  lifeforce energy releasing within your physical body and energetic field.

These higher vibrations allow the removal of a Seal from your Pineal, which has created a limitation in your ability for reconnection within your Higher Self. Now is the time for it to be released, for you to shift into a balanced state within the higher realms. The release of this Seal will create a changed environment within your energetic profile within all of your systems, setting in motion a wave of change, a higher potential as a new pathway opens up in your life.

Come and join me in this powerful process, I look forward to holding the Platform and working with you in this class.