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5. “Aligning to a Higher Order of Reality of Self” Zoom Class


Earth has entered a new Framework as the ‘Age of Aquarius’ has been ushered in. We have completed the ‘Piscean Age’ and for the next approximately 2000 years we are shifting gears, from thinking to Knowing.

In this class we will be reestablishing your Blueprint within what the Pleiadians call your Divine Access Point. You will be linking to a higher order of light, the new Framework that was brought in with the Grand Conjunction.

Come and experience a transmission of alignment from the Pleiadians. Align to this higher order of light, move into ‘Knowing’.

NOTE: You will receive class material that includes 2 videos, and pdf material for you to continue working with the initiations. This material carries all the frequencies for you to receive your full initiation.