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7. “Birthing Your Multidimensional Fluidity in the Whirlpool” Zoom Class

Note: Upon purchase you will receive an email with a link to access the 2 videos and pdf material to work with for your ongoing unfoldment.

In this Zoom class a sacred covenant will be activated; this is a destiny design to realign you as an individual to unveil the sacred Truths of your multidimensional heritage. 

As the vibration of the Covenant opens you are given access to a new energetic structure of light, which can be likened to the form of a vast fluid Whirlpool.  

This vibrational Whirlpool is made up of individual components of frequency light forms that create unique patterns of light flows designed to link into your multidimensional Heart frequency.


Your unique vibrational fluid link carries the essence, the vibration of your higher order of light. 

These fluid waves are designed to realign you to your creation energy, reactivating a redesign of your sacred within your energetic field and physical systems. Your crystalline structure in your physical body is able to the full mirrored spectrum of this creation light element.

These waves of creation light will stabilize a realignment to your higher consciousness state within you. 

During this class you will be reentering your sacred place within the Whirlpool, you will set in motion a new evolutionary cycle of your Higher Self alignment. 

You will enter a next phase of your awakening by aligning within the Diamond energy, which is part of the vast makeup of the Whirlpool flow, made from a pure, creation light. Every component of this living frequency of Diamond light energy sets in motion a multidimensional redesign within you.

Come and realign and anchor within your place within the Whirlpool of light frequency consciousness. This is a journey of returning!