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3 Day Pleiadian Seminar “Sacred Reactivations of Your Godhead Source” – (AUDIO FILES)



Join Christine as she transmits initiations from the sacred expansive multidimensional spaces which exist within the red center of Australia.


The Pleiadian’s are calling this a ‘sacred happening’ as you move into a deeply profound space aligning within a sacred energetic profile of Self. As you return to these spaces of light you will learn how to navigate an alliance with your Godhead Self.


Your alliance to your Godhead frequency will be sourced through initiations within your sacrum and spinal fluid, reopening up doorways to your Godhead frequency.


You will source another aspect of an arena of your Heart through the accessing of your Godhead self. Learn to become a weaver of your own energetic world as you access the powerful transformational creation strands within your Heart.


Over these three days you will return to become an extension of the sacred fluid consciousness which exists within the Godhead consciousness state.


Upon purchase you will receive an email with a link to access the audio files of each days processes, pdf material and all the material for you to receive the full initiations of this Seminar.