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3 Day Pleiadian Seminar: “Universal Reorientation” (AUDIO / VIDEO FILES)



Aligning to Higher Resonance Communion Levels





You may be wondering, “What is my next step?”


I have been in a unique communication with the Galactic council and Galactic community. There is a call going out for a core group of us here on the earth plane to work from a very different orientation with the Universal community.

This program will involve unique processes and tools presented in the Seminar to prepare you to participate as a member of the ‘core group’.


You will begin a very intimate and expanded series of communion alignments within the Galactic communion higher resonance state. Learn how to work directly alongside the Galactic community for the direct benefits of humanity here on Earth.


The Pleiadians are to bring a higher profile network to this Seminar than ever before experienced. This network has been approved by the Galactic council.


Learn to work within a multidimensional network where collective communion frequencies flow and interact. A sacred geometrical form which generates pure radiance light. Its role is to amplify collective communion resonance for the specific purpose of anchoring you more completely within this resident Universe.


In this seminar you will gain skills to work from another multidimensional viewpoint with your own mission on this planet. Work within this profound process, anchor yourself into an entirely different consciousness state through a deep process of transmutation as you realigning to a series of higher network principals.


Through the further intensification of the Scahndahlah effect consciousness on Earth you are enabled to retrieve your sacred Keys re-accessing your higher knowledge and knowing.


Come and answer the call that is going out for you to become a member of a ‘core group’ from Earth to work with the Galactic community on a completely new level than ever before.


Come and take your place within a vast hierarchy of light.


NOTE: Upon purchase you will receive an email with a LINK for you to access the AUDIO/VIDEO FILES and pdf material from the Seminar for you to participate and receive all the frequencies of these initiations.