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3 Day Pleiadian Seminar “Divine Resurrection” LIVE via Zoom December 6th – 8th


3 Day Pleiadian Seminar
“Divine Resurrection”


The Pleiadians are giving us notice of a profound energetic happening to take place in January 2025. A vast realm of higher light, that has never previously anchored on Earth, is going to descend, activating a destined shift reopening sacred realms of connection within you.


Those of us on the path are to awaken at that juncture, moving into a higher awareness of wisdom. This 3 Day Pleiadian Seminar is designed to prepare you to launch yourself at this time of profound change. This is the most significant opportunity ever to be offered to humanity in supporting you to reposition yourself energetically.


Work with tools and initiation processes that have not been offered before by the Pleiadians, designed to enable you to activate a re-instatement of a higher energetic framework within your body.


Reclaim your heritage of multidimensionality as you enter, anchor, and stabilize within realms of a higher consciousness state where you can self-realize your inner gifts to utilize in your life now.


Come and join me in this divine process of restoration and resurrection.


Friday, December 8th          6:00 pm – 10:00 pm CDT
Saturday, December 9th     11:00 am – 6:00 pm CDT
Sunday, December 10th.     11:00 am – 6:o0 pm CDT
CONTACT for more information:

Joanne Wakefield e-mail: or telphone number: 651-452-2895