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3 Day Pleiadian Seminar “Aquarian Age Launch” (AUDIO FILES)

We have just entered The Aquarian Age and this time heralds in a new era for your awakening. Energetic tools which you have not previously had access are now available for your use.


This Seminar is designed to:


  • Recalibrate your entire energetic systems to enable you to build within you an energetic ‘Toolbox’. The Toolbox allows you to regain access to a series of energetic tools. This process will involve a full multidimensional shift within the entire energetic resonance level of all systems in your body and energetic field.


  • Step by step process of learning how to access these energetic tools through powerful initiations created by the Pleiadians. This recalibration is designed for you to re-establish, carry and be able to fully utilize your Aquarian Age tools.


  • Learn how to fully utilize and align to the diverse layers of these multidimensional tools.


  • As you work through a sacred Matrix your perception will shift as you regain elements of your multidimensional essence.


  • These pure tools will be revealed and returned to you during these 3 days of profound initiation.



This Seminar is a destiny call, designed for you to re-establish an energetic resonance framework within you. Enabling you to fully participate within the expansive waves of light consciousness as you engage within the higher frequencies of the Aquarian Age.


In this 3 day program you will re-establish your ‘Toolbox’. The ‘Toolbox’ will include your energetic field and energetic systems within your physical body. Your body becomes tuned as the energetic ‘Toolbox’, which will enable you to reconnect and anchor your Aquarian age tools. You will learn to utilize these tools for use in your day- to- day life.


Join us in these series of amazing life changing processes.


Upon purchase you will receive an email with a link to access the audio files of each days processes, pdf material and all the material for you to receive the full initiations of this Seminar.