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24. “Lifting the Veils: Self Empowerment in the Light” Zoom Class







In this upcoming class veils will be released to assist you in entering a higher light consciousness network that is currently anchoring on the planet. These veils have been in place for lifetimes keeping you in a state of separation from levels of your authentic self. This is the time for launching into a higher realm of your light.


You will work within a channeled patterning in this class, utilizing sacred thought codes, which act as a key to a multidimensional doorway of your higher light consciousness.


Come and join me in the light!

Love and blessings,



When you purchase this Zoom class you will receive an email with a LINK to a DropBox folder for you to access and download the videos and pdf material after the class completes, which carry all the frequencies for your full ongoing initiations.

You  download this material onto your device for you to work with for your unlimited unfoldment.