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23. “Birthed in the Light” Zoom Class



Higher configurations of light have been anchoring on our planet since we entered 2024. There is a multidimensional energetic Platform that is in place designed for you to orientate and then launch yourself within a higher level of your consciousness state.


This is the time for you to reclaim your place within the collective on a very different level than ever before. In this class work you will work within the powerful consciousness of the sacred Spiral that will support higher multidimensional re-alignments for you to anchor within.

An empowering state of God Consciousness light will be emanating from the consciousness of the Spiral. You will be placed within the stillness, where all aspects of yourself exist.


Come and join me, together we will move into a space of self-liberation as old dense shells of illusion fall away, as we are bathed in the light.


When you purchase this Zoom class you will receive an email with a LINK to a DropBox folder for you to access and download the videos and pdf material of the class, which carry all the frequencies for your full initiations.

You  download this material onto your device for you to work with for your ongoing unfoldment.