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22. “Conscious Self-Resurrection” Zoom Class


“Conscious Self-Resurrection”


Don’t miss this powerful launching at the time of the New Year! The last twenty minutes before the sunrise and sunset on the 31st of December a window will open revealing to you a series of illuminated pure geometrical forms. This class is designed to forge an energetic framework within you, enabling you to work within the revealed illuminated forms during the final sunrise and sunset of 2023, launching you into a higher configuration of your light at the time of New Year.

During this upcoming Zoom class:


  •  You will be given the sacred keys to enter the window during the times of these sacred junctures at sunset and sunrise on the 31st of December.


  • You will activate a sacred framework through your energetic systems in readiness for you to be enabled to interact and flow within the illuminated geometrical forms at the time the window opens.


Come join me in this most essential process of unfolding!


When you purchase this Zoom class you will receive an email with a LINK to a DropBox folder for you to access and download the videos and pdf material of the class, which carry all the frequencies for your full initiations.

You  download this material onto your device for you to work with for your ongoing unfoldment.