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20. “Your Conscious Returning” Zoom Class


The sacred frequency of the Scahndahlah effect is intensifying across the earth plane. The earth’s magnetic core is now revealing another multidimensional alternate reality aspect of your earth plane. Doorways are being reopened giving you access to an entirely different vast arena of your consciousness. This is your time to evolve beyond the old reality of illusion to alternate spheres of consciousness.


In this upcoming class you will be receive sacred imprints of initiation to enable you to re-enter higher doorways consciously, to reclaim your sacred momentum of Being.


I am excited to be holding the energetic Platform for this class.


Come and join me, choose to retake your place and Be!


When you purchase this Zoom class you will receive an email with a LINK to a DropBox folder for you to access and download the videos and pdf material from the class, which carry all the frequencies for your full initiations.

You download this material to work with for your ongoing unfoldment.