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18.”Pleiadian Connection Enhancement” Zoom Class

90 Minute Zoom Class


This class carries a powerful format for you to further build your personal interaction and relationship with the Pleiadians. In this process the Pleiadians provide a unique communication pathway frequency Pattern to enable you to expand or develop a more complete direct communion with them.


Anchor and activate a higher frequency pattern within your systems to allow a more complete energetic alignment to the Pleiadians. They are here to support your next steps to an accelerated self-empowered reawakening.


Come and join me in this self-launching adventure!


Upon purchase you will receive an email with a Zoom INVITE to attend the “live” class. In this email you will also receive a LINK to access all the material (pdf and videos) from the class. If you are unable to attend then you will have this material to receive the initiations and then to continue to work with the initiations for your ongoing unfoldment.