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17. “Galactic Infusion” Zoom Class


90 Minute Zoom Class


In this Zoom class you will enter a pure light frequency set up by the Pleiadians to re-orientate yourself to another aspect of your unique Star frequency setting. Enter and align to a series of sacred encryptions to enable you to reengage within your energetic mantle, your Star heritage.

Activate your energetic Mantle and align it through your energetic field and within your energetic systems of the body. Allowing a higher vibrancy to naturally return to you.

Work with the sacred patterning and sounds provided by the Pleiadians to launch and re-align yourself to states of reality and Truth.

This is your time for transmutation, set in motion the changes you need in your life now.

Come and  join me in this powerful process. I look forward to holding the Platform for this journey.


Love and blessings,



You will receive an email with a LINK to access all the material (pdf and videos) from the class for you to continue to work with the initiations for your ongoing unfoldment.