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15. “Your Sacred Intelligence Returning” Zoom Class




90 Minute Zoom Class



There are powerful energetic transformations being forged within the magnetic core of our planet, shifting the rotation of our Earth, while creating a compete metamorphic realignment through your energetic systems.

Our earth plane is energetically shifting, like the sands on a desert. There is a higher fluidity of light frequency being returned through our systems, preparing us for a big shift which is to take place by the New Year.

This upcoming Zoom class has been designed by the Pleiadians to align you to a higher energetic framework, which is being anchored later in this month of October. This class has been created to support you in navigating and launching yourself within the expansive and powerful shifts that are to be made manifest, forged on our planet in readiness for 2023.

In this class there will be a focused process working within the brain stem, the brain synapses and the Pineal. This will create a resurgence of your sacred intelligence designed in supporting, enabling you to integrate this next wave of awakening that is being forged on Earth. Allowing you to play a greater more conscious role in the fulfillment of your mission.

Come and join me in this next preparatory step in your awakening.


Love and blessings,



Upon purchase you will receive an email with a LINK for you to access the videos of the class and pdf material for you to continue to work with the initiations for your ongoing unfoldment.