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14. “Sacred Return to Being” Zoom Class




Come and take your place within this sacred meeting point with the Pleiadians.

The higher energetic resonance created through a divine alignment of sacred structures from the Universe to Earth will allow a rapid shift of consciousness for you in this class. Allow this sacred launching within yourself.

  • Specially designed to support the shifts within the DNA strands and cellular regeneration:  You will launch ourselves through a series of repositioning of your DNA strands.
  • Activating a cellular regeneration through your physical body.
  • Receive an accelerated decoding process through you, releasing old limiting programs within your physical and energetic systems.
  • Work with higher sacred forms and sounds from the Pleiadians for this launching. 

Come, receive, release and transform. 

Love and blessings,



Upon purchase you will receive an email with a LINK to access Material from the class . This link will give you access to the videos of the class and pdf material for you to work with for your initiations and ongoing unfoldment.