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Diamond Arc of Light Consciousness Community Project Gathering



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As I have been sharing, we are to hold the energetic platform for the creation of, what the Pleiadians referred to as a Diamond Arc of light consciousness. This is to be the forming of a multidimensional Diamond Arc frequency, that is to originate at a specific pre-destined point within our land in Alice Springs. This full Diamond Arc will form as it links into our Galactic Receiving Station in Grand Marais in the United States.

The Pleiadians have shared that many of you, as part of this community are to play a unique role in the full unfolding process of the linking of these two properties to create this energetic Diamond Arc for the planet. I have seen clearly how our collective energy is going to be required for the successful completion of this mission.

There is no “time” so you can choose to join the project and participate in building the creation of the Diamond Arc.