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Chapter 4

Page 57

Initiating With Your Code Forms for Expanding Your Telepathic Center - Turning your Bridge ON

  1. Bring your right hand upward into its position. 
  2. Bring your Conscious Awareness into the hand and feel the opening of the doorway within your hand position. Enter the doorway with your Conscious Awareness and follow the pathway/line/ bridge link into your telepathic center. Let your Self open your full Conscious Awareness into the energy of your telepathic center, allowing your Self to open into with your Conscious Breath.
  3. Open to the Code Form in Diagram D on page 58 with your full Conscious Awareness. You will begin to feel it slowly being absorbed by your telepathic center. This turns your bridge to ON. Note: ON means there is an activation within your crystalline structure. Let go and allow your birth to take place. The energy of this Code Form is expanding your telepathic center and birthing another level of your crystalline structure within the cells of your body. Allow your full birth by breathing and letting go; allow your re-alignment to take place. 
  4. You have six Code Forms to initiate into, and each Code Form is multi-dimensional in nature. This means there is an un-limited amount of initiation to receive from each phase of each Code. Refer back to Diagram B on page 53 for your six Code Forms.

NOTE: Do no more than one Code Form activation per week.

Page 58

Chapter 4 Audio #3

Initiating With Your Code Forms for Expanding Your Telepathic Center Audio file: Using Your Telepathic Center for Energetic Alliances 

  1. Activate your telepathic pathway by bringing your consciousness into your hand position. You will access your telepathic center. 
  2. Expand out your telepathic connection by bringing your consciousness into your hand position and letting go. It is through letting go that a deeper alignment can take place within your telepathic center. 
  3. Find Code Form A shown in Diagram B on page 53. Place your Conscious Awareness into the Code Form A. Open to the Code Form A with your Conscious Awareness. Feel it absorbing through your telepathic center. 
  4. Place the Code Form A from your telepathic center toward your desired connection. As the Code Form A is received by the desired connection, the telepathic lines are opened.
  5. Feel the lines of energy open between you and the desired energy. Feel your Self being received. Open to this telepathic communion or communication.
  6. This is your telepathic center. When this telepathic connection is complete, you get to turn it OFF by bringing your right hand down.


Chapter 12

                                                            Page 153


  1. Bring both hands to connect to your heart center. Use your conscious Life Force Breath to expand your connection to your heart. Anchor your Command Energy through your heart space using the sound ASHA TAE. Allow the expansion and receive your heart consciously (this is my heart). Begin an alignment to your Command Energy as you claim your heart. 

  2. Now you are going to access your portal within your heart center. Use the     sound EE within your heart center. Follow the energy line of the sound EE that takes you into your portal within your heart. Bring your Command Energy  ASHA TAE into your opening of your portal. Feel of sense the expansion of your portal. Then use your Life Force Breath into your portal. Feel the activation within your portal. Let go as the energy within your portal opens. Use your Life Force Breath and place it fully into the portal. This expansion of your portal is designed to support you in the Chamber.                         
  3. You are going to activate your Command Energy through the portal, using   ASHA TAE. As you do this, your Destiny line will open within your portal.  Bring your full Life Force Breath into your Destiny line, and let go. You will be moved, feel, or sense your Self within the Chamber. The Chamber holds light energy. This will support you in your initiation. Open fully into the light. Use your Command Energy to assist you in opening fully here. Use ASHA TAE. 

  4. Open into your telepathic center by bringing your right hand upward to open into your telepathic center. Bring your Conscious Awareness into the energy of your hand position and then follow the line of energy into the opening of your telepathic center. Take your time opening into the energy of your center. Breathe and let go. As you move into your telepathic center open into the light of the Chamber, allow the communion with the light.
  5. You are going to work with the Code Form A shown in Diagram Q on page 155. Bring your consciousness into the Code Form A and wait for your telepathic center to absorb the Code Form. 

  6. Now place the Code Form from your telepathic center within the Chamber. This will call forth your energetic alliance…