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Dreamtime Academy with Hayden Crawford March 2020

Kindness Beyond the Veil  Episode 115with Chip Reichenthal 

"Christine conveys her emotions with such heartfelt sincerity. This video will certainly touch the hearts and stimulate the minds of anyone who watches it. With her incredibly inspirational messages about Jesus and Mother Mary along with the Pleiadian message of love and light, it is incredibly moving and inspirational. Thanks again for offering such an extraordinary interview. The friends and colleagues I have shared it with are all brought to tears with your remarkably inspirational stories and with the way you share them in such a beautifully heartfelt way." Suzanne RossExecutive Producer for Pleiadian Productions, Creative Life Center in Sedona

Edge Magazine 

Christine gives regular interviews and has a monthly column - "A Pleiadian Message" For the latest issue click here:

The link for this months article is

Coast to Coast AM


I wanted to share this interview with AWAKE TV that is available now with Japanese translated subtitles... 

with blessings and love, Christine