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Join Christine on Sunday, May 13th at 10:30 a.m.

(followed by Holy Vine Initiations Workshop - see below)

Christine is a resident speaker at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. Sharing her guidance and wisdom and holding workshops.

For more information and for upcoming dates you can visit the LHSC website 

 We invite you to watch Christine delivering a talk at Lake Harriet here

MAY 2018



by The Pleiadians

May 12th - 13th, 2018

This is the first time that the Holy Vine initiations are being made available in this format. 

Come and work within a powerful crystal Vortex created by the Pleiadians, which will hold the ‘Holy Vine’ energy for your initiations. 


Your Heart will go through a transformation within the sacred alignments held within the Vortex. These initiations are designed to enable you to channel the pure energy of Christ and Mother Mary. Your Heart will receive a series of sacred imprints re-accessing the multidimensional doorway of your Heart’s chamber. Re-activating your natural ability to channel this pure source of energy.


This is a profound opportunity to directly anchor the purity of the ‘Holy Vine’ essence within your Heart, enabling you to channel this energy of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary to others for their self-resurrection. You will activate a deep inner healing process in others, while simultaneously reopening within you profound change as you channel the energy of Jesus Christ’s self-resurrection energy and Mother Mary’s energy of receivership.  


NOTE: You will receive written material to continue an unfolding journey within and a step-by-step process to utilize this healing tool for others.

Date/Time: Saturday, May12th   9am – 5pm

                      Sunday, May 13th 12noon- 5pm

Cost:  $195.00

"hotel/meals additional cost and made by you"

Location:  Lake Harriet Spiritual Community 

4401 S Upton Ave, Minneapolis, MN



Beloved ones, 

We put out the call for you come and receive the Holy Vine initiations. We will witness you as you choose to consciously step forward to align to the powerful new design of this time on your earth plane.

Through these series of initiations you choose to meet the new frequencies of your Higher Self, which are available now as part of your natural birthright. Through the transformation of your Heart you will re-access a new phase of receivership within, giving you a free access to fully align to the sacred aspects of Self. You will be enabled to hold and receive understandings that have not been accessible to you until this time. You will find empowerment through a new ability to receive and digest aspects of Truth.

Through this evolutionary step you will meet that, which is your destiny, to once more hold within you the very sacred Truth of wholeness.


the Pleiadians