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Pleiadian Initiations of Light Audio

Welcome to Pleiadian Initiations of Light Audio download page. Click on the link and then download to access the audio files:

Chapter 1 - Connecting to the Heart

Chapter 2 - Letting Go                                                                                       

Chapter 3 - Formation Work                                                                         

Chapter 4 - I AM                                                                                                          

Chapter 5 - Thy Will Be Done

Chapter 6 - Forgiveness of the Self, Resurrection of the Self

Chapter 7 - Journey with the Pleiadians within the Stargate Chamber 

Chapter 8 - Manifesting Through the Sacred Heart   

Chapter 9 - Expanding Your Initiation into the Sacred Pyramid's Energy within the Formation

Chapter 10 - Belonging to the Whole

Chapter 11 - Physical Healing Through the Cells 

Chapter 12 - Cocoon Work                                                                                    

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