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The Pleiadians and Christine   are offering a series of 3-Day Pleiadian Seminars.  These Higher Realm Pleiadian Light Initiations are being offered to all who feel called to experience the multi-dimensional initiations that the Pleiadians transmit specifically to assist us in accessing higher truth and knowledge.  Each Seminar is designed to align us with the changing dimensional energies as they are being birthed on the Earth plane.  Hence, each event is totally unique, and presents an opportunity to benefit from a set of entirely new processes.

3 Day Pleiadian Seminar “Higher Realm Initiations”

Saturday, December 2nd 9 am - 4 pm
Sunday, December 3rd  9 am - 4 pm
Monday, December 4th  9 am - 1 pm
Crown Plaza Aire
Bloomington, MN