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Christine presents Pleiadian Broadcasts throughout the year, which brings the latest teachings and initiations from the Pleiaidians for your next step.

Each show comprises a discussion with channeled information from the Pleiadians to support and empower you to move forward at an accelerated rate into your awakening process.

There are always energetic transmissions designed to assist you in re-aligning to new aspects of your own Light Self. These ‘transmissions of light’ are multi-dimensional so there are unlimited activations possible with each viewing. 

Join Christine as she shares with you what the Pleiadians are saying about the transformations taking place on the earth plane and in our role as human beings at this time.

Directly experience the energy of the Pleiadians, receiving another level of awakening within your self.

"I saw your videos are really a great power mirror, you are a very special soul and feel the huge love vibration passing through words and emotions. Likes a lot of your videos, I felt like family, so thanks. I hope to continue to bring words of love for all of us. Thank you!"
 - Ludovico