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JULY 2018

July 6-8    July 13-15    July 20-22   July 27-29

(All day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)


Each 3 Day Workshop will be a focused program working with the two Pleiadian Communication Portals as well as working with the sacred form in the meadow, which holds a Gateway to Multidimensional experiences and to the Galactic Community.


You will initiate in a classroom setting to prepare the cells of your body for entry into the Portals. In order to move within the Gateway you will initiate in the fire element, and the Sun's consciousness to prepare to move through the Gateway.


AUGUST  2018

August 3-5 

(open only to people who attended one of the four weekends in July)


 This process takes you through a further initiation process to be able to hold a centered space that is required to build a Stargate. 

You will be given deep understandings of the internal processes the Stargate for you to be able to hold the full frequency layers required to activate a Stargate.

  We have set the price at $450.00 per weekend for all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 

Contact us through e-mail to reserve your place at 

For information on accommodations Google "grand marais mn hotels"