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Two-Day Post-Expo Workshop | 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

November 13 & 14, 2017
CHRISTINE DAY presents “Holy Vine Initiations”

• Post-Expo 2-Day Workshop Ticket: $182.00 BUY TICKET NOW | $191.00 at the door
• Combo Ticket – Post-Expo Workshop & Sunday Keynote: $215.00 BUY TICKET NOW | $239.00 at the door

THIS IS THE FIRST TIME that the Holy Vine initiations are being made available to the general public. Come and learn how to work within a powerful crystal vortex especially created by the Pleiadians for your initiation. Align directly with the pure frequency of the Holy Vine to access your Higher Self. The Heart will go through a transformation with the alignment to the crystalline platform within the Vortex. A new dimension doorway of your Heart will open, activating your natural ability to receive your abundance. Your Heart will receive sacred imprints to expand your ability to activate your Heart’s desire.

This is a profound opportunity to directly anchor the purity of the Holy Vine essence within your life. Note: you will receive written material to take home to continue your unfolding journey to Self.

A message from the Pleiadians: “Beloved ones, You have answered the call to receive the Holy Vine initiations and we will witness you as you choose to consciously step forward to align to the powerful new design of this time on your earth plane. You have chosen to meet the new frequencies of your Higher Self, which are available to you now, as a natural birthright. Through the transformation of your Heart you will open into a new phase of receivership within, giving you a free access to fully aligning to the sacred aspects of Self. You will be enabled to hold and receive understandings that have not been accessible to you, you will be empowered through this ability to receive and digest aspects of Truth. Through this evolution you will meet that, which is your destiny to once more hold within you, the very sacred Truth of wholeness. Blessings, The Pleiadians”