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Seminars / Workshops

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  • Private Session via Skype

    NOTE: Christine is not accepting new clients at this time!
    Updates to this change will be posted here!

    Christine is offering Private Sessions via Skype.

    Come and have your questions answered...

    Take your next step!

    In a session you will receive:

     - individual channeled information and guidance for the clarity of your path now;
    - initiations from Pleiadians assisting you to be realigned to your higher component unique frequency of your sacred light; 

    - veils and seals within you that are ready will be released, shifting your energetic settings while anchoring a higher frequency through your cells. 

    These openings will anchor and stabilize the reconnection of your light within your physical body, activating a new path, enabling you to have a deeper experience within the Higher Realms.

    Sessions are approximately one hour
    You will received an audio recording of your session 
    Upon purchase we will contact you to schedule your session 

    • $210.00