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  • Circle Program 3 Day Online "LIVE" via ZOOM (ONLY for people who attended the Pleiadian Seminar in December) May 1 - 3, 2021


    Through journeying within a series of sacred circles you will embody and realign to the electrical tendrils from a higher order of consciousness, which will reconnect you to your sacred Origin Signature.

    Through this process within the sacred circles you set in motion a higher cycle of destiny for yourself as you harness the arena of this higher order of consciousness. You are actively choosing to be returned, let go.

    The sacred Pytend Form is designed to reconstruct your energetic settings in preparation to enter the multidimensional vast space of the sacred circles. As you enter the Pytend form you need to let go and enter the ‘unknown’ and allow an internal preparation to be launched within the multidimensional sacred frequencies of light, which have always existed.

    You will become realigned to the unlimited source of growing light, which arises from your original signature Blueprint. Your original signature Blueprint is a sacred higher order of light/a creation light that you begin to re-engage as you are opened into the Pytend Form consciously.

    Through a series of diverse circle patterning you will travel within alternate reality frequency settings, your DNA will undergo a rapid reset. Through this reset you are being returned to an original overlay of yourself.

    You will travel within a high velocity frequency vehicle, which will propel you within the higher elementals of alternate reality circles of divine resonance.

    You will learn to work within a series of Time Interdimensional Resets, which will allow you to expand your potential to travel within the multidimensional realms of all sacred circles by opening you into a higher fluidity state.

    As you engage within the Framework of the Sacred Circle you enter a space of unlimited potential to connect within many multi-facets of Self. You set in motion a transmutation process for all humanity, restoring a balance of consciousness within Earth. 


    Saturday, May 1st      9 am – 4 pm

    Sunday,    May 2nd     9 am – 4 pm

    Monday,  May 3rd      9 am  - 3 pm


    For more information contact Joanne Wakefield at

    • $418.00