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  • 3 Day Pleiadian Seminar December 5-7 'LIVE' via ZOOM

    NOTE:  This Seminar is ONLY available for purchase up to 

    Friday, December 4th at 9 pm CST

    "Enter the Realms of PEI ANTANA"

    PEI ANTANA exists. This sacred space is made up of a network of multidimensional different reality states.

               This higher consciousness pathway realm was anchored within the earth plane by the Pleiadians many eons ago.

    This space is now available to you.

    The PEI ANTANA Gateway was originally given to the sacred elders of the Aboriginal tribes in Australia. You will gain access to the link within this sacred vibrational framework.

    You realign to inner knowledge enabling this transforming force to move through you to restore you to a higher perspective of Self.

    This is a destiny call… a sacred journey.

    (If you are unable to attend the Seminar "Live" you can receive Audio Files, which carry ALL of the transmitting frequencies of the initiations.)

    Saturday, December 5   10 am - 4 pm CDT
    Sunday,   December 6    10 am - 4 pm CDT
    Monday, December 7    10 am - 2 pm CDT

    Read Christine's interview in the Edge Magazine article for more details:

    Listen to Christine's interview with the Edge Magazine radio show for further details:

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    During the 'LIVE' Zoom class: 

    Christine will be available to answer questions 30 minutes before the class starts on Sunday and Monday and before returning from lunch on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

    After the Seminar completes you will receive PDF material through e-mail to support you in your ongoing process.

    For more information contact: Joanne Wakefield
    Phone: 651-452-2895 

    • $418.00