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  • 3 Day Pleiadian Higher Realm Initiations Seminar

    Higher Realm 
    Knowing  |  Being  |  Seeing  |  Sensing

    I am so excited to offer you an entirely new level of initiations that have not been offered to the general  public  before. Of course this is because you are ready!
    These initiations are designed for you to reopen your God Consciousness center in the Brain. I know all of you who feel to come and be part of this sacred 
    experience will be held and supported by the sacred realms within the Collective energies of our resident Universe.  I so look forward to receiving you at our next gathering.

    The Pineal Gland is the ‘principle seat of the soul’ where all higher thoughts are formed, where you can perceive the higher planes of existence and are able to reactivate the God Consciousness center in your brain.

    Within a sacred setting you will be opening your Pineal structure fully. There will be a releasing of veils, revealing the light forms of the Sacred Self.


    Moving into:  
    Re-accessing all that has always been naturally in place beyond the illusion.
    Making the Holy journey of transforming the energetic structure of your Pineal Gland.
    Transplanting back the sacred energies within your Pineal Gland.
    Re-establishing a sacred relationship within the fully activated blueprint of your Pineal Gland.
    Re-opening up the God Consciousness center within your brain to access ‘The One’.

    We, the Pleiadians await you, Blessings.

    Saturday December 2nd - 9am - 4pm
    Sunday December 3rd - 9am - 4pm
    Monday December 4th - 9am - 1pm
    Location: Crowne Plaza Aire
    MSP Airport, Bloomington, MN 

    Crown Plaza Aire  - 3 Appletree Sq. Bloomington, Mn    952-854-9010

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