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  • "Receiving The Christ Imprint" recorded LIVE Transmission October 2015

    "Be willing to suspend your belief in the image of who you are…” 

    Christine talks about coming into an acceptance of our humanness and ending the internal war. She shares about what the Pleaidians call the “Christed  energy” coming onto the planet at this time to support us in our accelerated awakening process. The ‘Christed energy’ is the Pleiadian term for the Christ energy in action. Weaving self-resurrection energy to assist you in bridging the gap, moving into self-acceptance. The ‘Christed energy’ during the transmission births powerful receivership energies within your heart on a multi-dimensional level so you can begin to receive your abundance on all levels. The transmission assists in moving you into a 4th 5th dimensional relationship with SELF and allows for a complete redefinition of your Self to take place.

    • $11.99