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Frequencies of Brilliance Stage 1: April 2023 "Certification Program"


Frequencies of Brilliance Stage I is a powerful life changed initiation process that was channelled by the Pleiadians through Christine Day. This is a Certification Course that initiates you into a cutting edge healing modality that creates higher Self openings within the person receiving the work to enable a self-healing to take place within their physical, emotional, and spiritual systems.  This initiation process is deep and intense, involving all aspects of Self - launching you into a new way of living, and creating a turning point in your life.

During the 14-Day live in residential Training Course you will be assigned your own Pleiadian team to work along side of you for your ongoing work as a Practitioner in the world.


The instructor is Alisa Logan. She is a Teacher of Frequencies of Brilliance. She has been working with Christine Day, the founder of this work, for over twenty years both assisting and teaching courses. Alisa carries her own Pleiadian aspect and is committed to bringing herself fully to each teaching opportunity. Her mission is to bring these healing frequencies out to humanity and to all those called to take this next step.      


Further Details:

This is a residential live-in course. You will be staying at the Mt Olivet Retreat Center in Farmington, MN which is a short drive from St Paul, MN. The accommodations include all meals, double room occupancy, a pool and beautiful walking grounds.

Arrival to the retreat center will be by the late afternoon of April 13th and departure will be by mid day on April 27th.

The program is scheduled for 14 days with a day off on the sixth day. This day off is a necessary integration for you to successfully continue and complete the training. All mornings and afternoons you will be in session and your evenings are free time.  This is a very powerful course designed to assist you in your awakening process and offering you skills and techniques to work with others when you leave the program.


Stage I Frequencies of Brilliance Training comprises:

♦ Direct experience of hands-on work with other students

♦ Training in the use of all 240 doorways on the physical and energy body, plus a complete initiation through each

♦ The workroom is set up using sacred geometry, with focused work done within a sacred Circle setting.

♦ Experiential and meditational sessions within the 4th and 5th dimensional energies accessed via sacred geometric Formations

♦ Direct connection to and experiences with the Pleiadians and Galactic energies.


Dates: April 14th – 27th, 2023

Location: Mount Olivet Retreat Center  7984 257th Street W Farmington, MN

Cost: $5,940.00


The cost includes - Accommodation (14 nights) and all Food (41 meals) and the Course fee.

(On site residential stay is required for this program)

The cost can be paid in one payment of $5940.00 or in multiple installments set up and agreed upon by the parties.


You must make a deposit of $1,020 to secure your place in the program.


For Further Details:

 Contact Joanne Wakefield, Organizer:

E-mail:   Phone: 651-452-2895


View YouTube clips with Alisa talking about the Program:

Part 1:


Part 2:


An Invitation:


Invitation to Heal:


Testimonials about Stage 1 Frequencies of Brilliance:

“It was the most profound experience of my life.  I came home changed.”

“I have never before experienced being held in such a way, in such a sacred manner that allowed me to open, let go and become more of who I was meant to be. It was truly amazing.” 

“Burdens that I have carried all my life dropped away through being in this course.”


Audio link to a demonstration of the work with Alisa on Monday, September 12th  at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community:


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