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Core Group Preparatory Transmutation Classes



Core Group Preparatory Classes

LINK to “Core Group Meet Up” Video for more details:


5 Preparatory Classes (via Zoom)


March 16th

April 27th

June 1st

July 13th

August 3rd


1:00 pm CST

NOTE: You must join by March 28th to have the time to work with the first preparatory class in readiness to move on.


Core Group Anchoring (via Zoom)


October 12th

November 9th

December 21st

January 25th


1:00 p.m.  CST (after 3rd November CDT)

NOTE: If you cannot attend the “live” class, then you must work with the video of the class within 24 hours.

NOTE: These are the “dates” the Pleiadians have given at this time. As more are revealed, they will be announced.


When you sign up for these Classes you will receive an E-mail with an INVITE to the “live” Zoom classes, and this E-mail will also contain a LINK to Dropbox for you to access all of the material throughout this series from the classes and anchoring processes.