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2018 Schedule

Apr 21-22: Fargo Holistic Expo

Saturday, April 21, 2018 | 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
CHRISTINE DAY: What is Taking Place Energetically on the Planet?

General Admission Ticket: $39.00 Online BUY TICKET NOW | $44.00 at the door
Combo Saturday Keynote + Post-Expo Workshop Ticket: $88.00 Online BUY TICKET NOW | $98.00 at the door

The Pleiadians’ role at this time is to bring to you an understanding of what is taking place on the planet at this time. This will empower you to step forward into your role through a reconnection to the sacred aspect of your self that is fully intact just beyond the “veil.”

Experience a Pleiadian light transmission where you will move through the “veil” to experience your Higher Self. Christine will guide you step by step as she channels a powerful light of love through to you, enabling you to have this experience.

Come and meet me in person! 
 at BOOTH #203


April 23, 2018

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.  

Christine Day will present the Post-Expo Workshop

  on “Reunion Within Your Multidimensional Heart” 

at the Fargo Civic Center. 

               Say YES to your next step of awakening! 

The Heart is your doorway to Home, a pathway to connect to the Higher Self. In a step-by-step process you will align to these new aspect of light that are coming onto the planet now, which carry emanations of God. Receive a series of pure love transmissions of light from the Pleiadians for these connections for your own inner transformation. Allow this sacred process to activate within you, through the reopening of the multidimensional chamber of your Heart. Move back to an experience of remembering the sacred that you are and a reconnection to your true power. In each process you will receive understanding and be guided step-by-step into an awakened experience!  

Nov 3-4: Minneapolis Holistic Expo



Earle Brown Heritage Center, Minneapolis MN