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Christine Day Online Blog

Christine Day brings the latest teachings and messages from the Pleiadians. She holds the platform for us to move into our enlightenment in this lifetime. This is our destiny. The key to this is accepting our humanness; embracing ourselves as 'perfectly imperfect'. Christine channels and shares her experiences to assist us in moving towards our own self acceptance and awakening.

Christine's Message June 2018

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Hello, This past month has been amazing here on our land. Nine boulders were delivered and placed on our meadow. Each boulder was energetically positioned and anchored. We were working telepathically with the Pleiadians and the Lemurians as these huge forms were situated exactly into their correct positions to fulfill the opening and activation of the Gateway.

We worked the entire day and were incredibly grateful to the men who delivered the boulders and who worked very respectfully and consciously with us. What an experience to play our individual roles in this energetic creation. There are no accurate words to describe this activity. I think ‘sacred beyond imagining’ is the closest I can manage right now.

There has been an ongoing multidimensional unfolding process. We have witnessed huge multidimensional sacred forms anchoring on the land, until I can honestly say “I no longer can energetically recognize the land that we have lived on in the last 6 years.”

The process continues to unfold and I have no idea how long this unfolding will unfold. The Communication Portals are also reflecting these multidimensional changes. I do know that we are holding within our cells these reflections and it feels as though nothing is the same. We have turned a corner never to return to where we were only days ago.

We have been guided to work daily within the Gateway and each day the openings become more enormous, more transforming on so many levels. The anchoring of this part of the Gateway is far more than I could ever have imagined and I know that all of those who will be here in July for the weekends will go through amazing and transformative experiences.

I am grateful for all the beings that are dedicated in supporting this happening.



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