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Christine Day Online Blog

Christine Day brings the latest teachings and messages from the Pleiadians. She holds the platform for us to move into our enlightenment in this lifetime. This is our destiny. The key to this is accepting our humanness; embracing ourselves as 'perfectly imperfect'. Christine channels and shares her experiences to assist us in moving towards our own self acceptance and awakening.

Christine's Message July 2019

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Hi,    This is an amazing time of transition that we find ourselves. There is a call going out to all of you to let go as we move into some incredibly transformative energetic shifts mid month. By mid July there is going to be another adjustment within the magnetic core of the planet, and our alignment to the Sun is going to shift. We as a planet will be going through a transition as we are dimensionally repositioned in relationship to the Sun’s rays. So stay aligned within your Heart and be willing to open up to a deeper evolution within your own multidimensional makeup.

This month we move into full swing on our land in Grand Marais with our series of 3 Day Weekend Retreats. We have our 2nd of six retreats in total, which will run from mid July to mid August. I am excited and can feel the energies building within the Galactic Receiving Station in preparation for this set of powerful gatherings.


The Pleiadians, Lemurians and entire Galactic community are bringing a combined synergy to create and work within the Gateway space and Portals. I know this will be a very transformative process, for both Alisa and I as we hold sacred multidimensional connections during these next series of retreats.

Let’s celebrate this sacred journey that we are embarking together, and hold ourselves with love, compassion and patience as we walk our paths.

I send love and blessings out to each one of you,


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