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Christine Day Online Blog

Christine Day brings the latest teachings and messages from the Pleiadians. She holds the platform for us to move into our enlightenment in this lifetime. This is our destiny. The key to this is accepting our humanness; embracing ourselves as 'perfectly imperfect'. Christine channels and shares her experiences to assist us in moving towards our own self acceptance and awakening.

Christine's Message January 2019

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Hello, Happy New Year!  I have just returned from spending three weeks in Australia and have had a wonderful time with family. I have perceived tremendous change within the energetic grid that is surrounding the planet since the ‘Corridor of Light’ anchored at the time of New Year. 

There was such a beautiful purifying light that illuminated the Grid around our planet as the activation of God light was infused within the outer atmosphere surrounding Earth. Gradually this light has absorbed throughout the planet, strongly impacting the magnetic core within our earth plane.

There is so much for each one of us to individually realign within for reconnection to the sacred part of ourselves. This is our time to evolve consciously by actively engaging within the many new paths that are open to us now. Remember all connection to these openings is made through our own Heart space.

The Pleiadians are reminding me to continue to let go and trust as new doors open. What is most essential is for us to not force anything. To remain open and trust, actively waiting for the right path to show itself, knowing all is in hand.

I am filled with so much gratitude for all that is being revealed to me through my Heart. I send love and blessings to each one of you at this pivotal time in our evolution.


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