Ascended Health

WE FIRST HEARD ABOUT ASCENDED HEALTH some  months ago when a friend started raving about this 'black mud' toothpaste she had been using.  Then a few months later, when we were in Las Vegas to film our Pleiadian Broadcast, we were introduced to the owner of the company, who was there to be interviewed for the second time on the Virtual Light Broadcast. (The links to both interviews are below.) We were so impressed with the knowledge, expertise, honesty, and energetic integrity of the founder, Compton Rom, that we decided to try several of the products for ourselves.  Since then, we have become big fans.

What particularly appeals to us about Ascended Health's products is that none of them is engineered or synthetically made. They are simply ingenious combinations of well known, but under-utilized botanicals, minerals and herbs offered in the marketplace. The company starts from scratch - by researching the scientific literature and the teachings of indigenous cultures, and then improving on what has worked.  They also work on the basis that positive intentions transmuted into conscious, regenerative vibrational energy is essential to helping the body heal itself.

Ascended Health's products and remedies are imprinted using large Record-keeper Lemurian quartz crystals. All are embedded in resonant sound pyramid hyperbaric chambers pulsed with meditations, Tibetan bells, whale sounds and other healing vibrations. Ascended Health believes the emitted blue-violet light energy adds tremendous healing power by restructuring and hyper-activating its oils, serums and elixirs.

Their philosophy is that just as architecture is as much about the materials as the design and feel, natural remedy formulation is more than just the ingredients. It is about the vibrations that go into it - from the growing of the ingredients (organic, wild-crafted, ethical), the mixing and the packaging (even their labels carry conscious "Emoto" vibrations), and scalar energy also is utilized to create a range of products that they regard as "messengers of light." Their aim is to get the body resonating in the way it used to when we were children, when we were all-powerful and knew life as an eternal flame, and could fall down, scrape our skin and not think about how our bodies would heal themselves.

In addition to their now famous Dental Health line, Ascended Health offers a comprehensive product range that covers skin regeneration, anti-aging superfoods, energy ascension, bath salts and detoxifying remedies, energy elixirs, and teas, as well as their energetic consciousness oils and sprays. Try their I Am Blissful Spray and see how people around you start reacting more lovingly! And check out the testimonial about what their Anti Venom Healing Balm did for someone who had been bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider!)

These two images show the effects of imprinted Vibrational Healing Energy: Before and after energy micrographs of Ascended Health's elixir. You can visibly see the high vibration energy emitted from their products. This is a result of scalar energy and vibrational crystal resonance.


Below are details of Christine's personal experience with just a few of Ascended Health's products.


"This powerful, all-natural paste is an amazing product that has created dramatic changes in the health of my gums."



"This oil is designed to be applied to the face. When I use it, I experience a deep sense of nurturing, and the results definitely create positive changes to the surface skin on my face. I love this product!"


"This is a wonderful mixture that increases libido, rejuvenates the body and creates a cleansing of the arteries. I take this daily and immediately experience a new vitality within my cells."



"As I take in this powder with water, my whole body begins to respond to the high frequency that is held within the powder.Since using Ascended Health's products, I feel a transformation within my physical body as well as my energetic body. I can strongly recommend these incredible products.

Christine Day
To watch some interview with Compton Rom, click on the links below.  To visit his website, visit

Virtual Light Broadcast Inteview with Compton Rom April 2009

Virtual Light Broadcast interview with Compton Rom August 2011
(This video has a few problems at the beginning but do stay with it as it's well worth watching.)